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About Me

Noah was born in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada in 1998 and still calls the seaside town home. Witnessing and experiencing the landscapes of the B.C. coast and beyond from an early age, it didn’t take long for him to develop a fascination with the natural world and a love for adventure. With his mother being a portrait photographer, Noah grew up around cameras. It was his parents’ gift of a pocket camera on his eighth birthday, along with his interest in the outdoors, that sparked Noah’s passion for photography and set his course. Focusing initially on the documentation of local birds, a camera never left his side. Being self-taught, Noah learns predominantly through trial and error. While his work has typically consisted of a fine art focus (you can see his fine art portfolio at, Noah has recently developed an interest in photojournalism. Through photojournalism, he primarily hopes to inspire action on human rights and environmental issues.

For any questions, comments or inquiries, you can email me at